Morin SymmeTry® Series SYM1.5-16

SymmeTry® Series, a structural mechanically seamed roof, symmetrical and hydrostatic by design. Options for architects include four panel depths and three cover widths.

Unlimited thermal expansion/contraction Watertight Seam from eave to ridge Significant wind uplift capability Jobsite roll forming of panels in continuous lengths so as to eliminate panel end laps
Production: Lengths 5' (1.52m) to 45' (13.72m) standard Shorter and longer lengths available. Jobsite roll forming of panels in continuous lengths so as to eliminate panel end laps
Application: Weather-resistant or rainscreen rear-ventilated application
Materials: Steel - Galvalume/Zincalume 20, 22, 24 GA Aluminum - 0.050 GA and 0.040 GA
Color: Standard (Fluropon® PVDF-Kynar500®) Premium Colors MICA (Fluropon Classic®II PVDF) Premium Colors METALLIC (Fluropon Classic®PVDF) Morin Custom Color Matching Services Other Finishes Available
Surfaces: Smooth surface standard


Sealant: Factory applied hot melt sealant required
Substrate: Open framing or solid decking applications
Clips: SymmeTry® Series Clip required
Corners: n/a
Notched Ends: n/a
Testing: ASTM E1592 Uplift Test UL 580, UL 1897 Uplift Test FM 4471 over open framing Uplift Test FM 4471 over metal deck Uplift Test UL Class A Fire Rating FM Class 1-SH Hail Resistance Test ASTM E1680 Air Infiltration Test ASTM E1646 Water Infiltration Test ASTM E2140 Static Water Test
Mfg Facilities: Bristol, CT, Fontana, CA, DeLand, FL And Onsite Roll Forming

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